Why an urban cottage?

Cozy but city. Bright and loud like an urban setting, but with creature comforts of a lake cottage. Small with big love. That’s our home in a nutshell… with all the nuts! My life is as eclectic & quirky as my home. As a wife, mother of three, or four, or more as a foster parent, TV producer, and all around cat-wrangler, with all the chaos life throws at me, I always come back to center in my little urban cottage. This is the place that brings me peace. Plus, my favorite people are here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my stories, one by one. I hope I can offer you the sentiment that you are not alone in your journey, we are more alike than different, and that we can always learn something from each other that betters our person.

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The kitchen in our ‘urban cottage’
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